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Recolamp: Making a habit of recycling

A We all experience the recycling problem. In Romania is one of the most important environmental challenges: how can you change the mentality regarding the selective collection of waste? Well you have to be creative and kind, but also perseverant. You have to create the perfect combination between visual art and the key channels to use for your message. The message has to be clear and simple. A call to action! Our client is one of the biggest organization in lighting waste collection. 

Raising awareness regarding recycling is a big challenge for us and a lot of work. All worth it when you think about a reason behind: a better planet for us.

We knew from the start that this project will be a long-term engagement. We want to be there for Recolamp Organization to fulfill their mission. How can we do that: with creative ideas, hard work and passion. Because we believe that if we are delivering the right message to the right people, we can make a difference.

Throughout the entire project lifecycle there should be checkpoints scheduled for technical, user experience, and user interface specialists to review the design to ensure all requirements are met and that scope creep has not occurred. All technical requirements and creative requirements should be accounted for at the end of the project if the right team members are discussing requirements throughout the process.


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