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5 to go: The biggest coffee chain in Eastern Europe

5 5 to Go is the largest chain of coffee shops in Romania (which is funny, considering the tiny size of their coffee shops), with over 100 active locations throughout the country, being also the most accessed Romanian franchise.

We are proud to be their dedicated communication agency since 2018, offering PR, Communication, Digital, Radio, Event, CSR and other creative solutions since the beginning of our collaboration. 

One of our closest to heart projects was the launch of Academia 5 to Go, a CSR campaign aiming to support the talented, but underprivileged young people reach their dreams and potential, developed together with Hopes and Homes for Children.

Other projects include press-releases, interviews and PR stunts, such as a special radio project involving the top radio channels in Romania, a BTL stunt engaging police officers in traffic or an anniversary concert for Vunk, one of the most popular bands on the Romanian market. 

Communication partners for 5 to Go, the largest coffee shop chain in Romania.

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