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A simple application: ColtVerde – find the nearest collection point!


A simple application: ColtVerde – find the nearest collection point!

A simple message: If it’s burned, recycle it!

A simple application: ColtVerde – find the nearest collection point!

In 2019, in Romania, one person generated 8.3 kg of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), with 22% more compared to 2015. Out of these, more than 25% are the consequence of the negative habits: are thrown to the garbage bins or randomly thrown away in unproper locations, which leads both to the dispersion of pollutants in the environment affecting the entire community and to the risk of not meeting Romania’s targets set by the European Union.

In the digital era, where everything is one click away, the contribution to a green future has to be as simple as this. So, together with Recolamp Association we developed ColtVerde mobile app, for the users to discover the closest selective collection point to recycle the lighting equipment, to inform and engage them in a dialogue about selective waste management solutions and to share their ideas and proposals for new selections points or activities. Since June 2019, we added a charity component to the campaign, as a long-term component to sustain ColtVerde and collection targets. The mechanism is simple, transforming the reward system in contributions in the society: for certain quantities collected, Recolamp donates certain amounts to support a social cause.

Our team was the partner agency of the project from the strategy phase, to the app development, visual identity, creative concepts, communication campaign and PR and digital. We are happy to see that the project recieved the appreciation of various stakeholders, from media to partners and lighting equipment users. More than this, the app and our ColtVerde campaign were nominated at World Summit Awards 2020, in the Smart Urbanization category. Let’s transform the collection of waste in a habit. For a better future.



March 21, 2020


Creative, Design, PR & Communication, Technology