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Red Cross Romania: Sleepless night for hard days

Red Cross Romania: Sleepless night for hard days

Romanian Red Cross 147th anniversary, a magic celebration of GOOD


Following 3 years marked by tragedies with countless victims, like the pandemic, the armed conflict in Ukraine, and the earthquake in Turkey, there was a strong need for information and disaster preparedness among people. Since the mission of the Red Cross is directly connected to this matter, we transformed the anniversary of 147 years of humanity into a large-scale event for the general public, an occasion for The Romanian Red Cross to present all its activities, to inform, educate and deliver the message of the Red Cross – that they have the logistic needed to help and support people in extreme situations.

The event was planned as a 36-hour marathon, with day and night activities, under the name „Sleepless night for hard days” and with the headline „In the service of good, the sky is the limit”. For maximum impact, we used a communication mix including own media (also a Meta free campaign), paid media, PR, influencers engagement, and strong media partnerships.

18 influencers resonated with the message and shared the campaign message pro bono via posts and stories and we succeeded in having PRO TV and KISS FM as media partners, with free spots broadcast for 2 weeks before the event, also having the support of other significant publications.


The results lived up to the event, reaching a total of 11.652.417 people. We had 79 articles in media, 21 influencer posts and stories, 100 people participated at the night experience and became ambassadors to share all the insights they received to their community. The event generated 18,000 lei from donations and selling promotional items.



September 27, 2023


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