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Bold & tasty FIVE TO GO magazine for Gen Z

Bold & tasty FIVE TO GO magazine for Gen Z

At the end of 2021, together with our clients from the 5 to go coffee shops, we launched an atypical printed media product, FIVE TO GO magazine, born out of the desire to offer the new generation a new tool of knowledge, dialogue, and inspiration, to help them find out everything that happens in the 5 to go cafes, the cool events and trends, to discover cool people and their projects, to find practical tips and tricks to inspire and support them.

The FIVE TO GO quarterly magazine, distributed free of charge in the 5 to go chain of cafes, wants to be part of their voice, expressed by cool visuals, urban culture stories, inspiring people, and stories designed to shape their idea of present and their vision of future. Starting with the Summer of 2022, it also has a digital version where readers can discover exclusive content and special projects.


February 9, 2024


Creative, PR & Communication