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Volkswagen, the mobility partner of the UEFA EURO 2020

Volkswagen, the mobility partner of the UEFA EURO 2020

Our communication strategy was designed to highlight 2 layers of the Volkswagen and UEFA EURO 2020 partnership:

1 – Volkswagen, UEFA EURO 2020 partner, has started a new era of electromobility

2 – Volkswagen presents the four children who will start the UEFA EURO 2020 matches that take place in BucharestFor each we sent a press release and pitched extra materials. Also, we invited a selection of journalists and opinion leaders to see the games live and feel the energy of the teams right from the stadium, witnessing the games which offered real lessons of fair-play, determination, passion, enthusiasm, optimism, and desire to win.

This campaign is the story of a done right strategic planning, with a strong message behind. A great genuine content on the right channels. It is also the prove that positive and inspiring messages can win organic reach and can generate conversations. We planned a PR campaign which became an advertising tool. And an important outcome: it created an engaged community inspired by the vision of a sustainable future. Thousands of comments revealed people preoccupied to have a positive contribution in society and to contribute to a sustainable tomorrow for the coming generations.


October 21, 2021


Creative, PR & Communication