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International tech event in Berlin

Berlin 1300×731

International tech event in Berlin

The experience we have in technology brought us the opportunity, in 2017, to work with BigChainDB, a company specialised in building enterprise grade applications and platforms based on blockchain technology.

Our work consisted in creating the visual identity of an important international event held in October 2017 in Berlin, gathering enterprises and developers all together to help shape the future and answer the question: Where will blockchain of today lead civilization in 9984?

As a port, 9984 connects enterprises and developers to BigchainDB software. As an event, 9984 allows enterprises and developers to connect with each other to take the unique opportunities made possible with scalable blockchain technology to the next level. Possibilities such as liberating personal data from centralized silos, helping creatives feed their families, and shining light on ossified corrupt systems took center stage during the event’s two days of keynotes, presentations and panels.




October 21, 2017


Creative, Technology