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The access to hygiene conditions is a right, not a privilege.


The access to hygiene conditions is a right, not a privilege.

With the desire to create a healthy and secure environment for all children, Domestos enrolled on an ambitious mission: to support good hygienic conditions in schools.  In 2019, Domestos took a courageous new challenge: building toilets for Romanian schools. Hundreds of kindergartens and schools still have inappropriate toilets, improvised in the backyard, which is both sad and hard to believe nowadays. The students can’t even wash their hands, and it’s impossible to clean and sanitize a place that is not connected to the water system. In partnership with the Romanian Red Cross, Domestos created a platform where people could register school in need of a modern toilet, either by building or by renovating, or donate for the cause so that more institutions could benefit of the program.

Our team built the communication strategy on two pillars: create conversation about the need of good hygiene in public schools and kindergartens, especially after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and, secondly, engaging people into the donation campaign.

We used traditional PR tools, paid media partnerships and creative social media and influencer campaigns. The campaign ambassadors were selected considering their visibility and credibility and the profile of their audience: young adults, young parents, interested and involved in civic duties.


February 1, 2019


PR & Communication